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Blessing from Circle

Red Pocket Design

Blessing From Circle is a campaign of 2020 Lunar New Year for JEWELRIA. The design started from ideating campaign concept. It uses the traditional "circle" in Chinese, which means "gather", as theme. Different blessing circle objects and traditional circle fans are used as the key visual.

The concept of circle came from "Yuen", meaning connection between people. Four blessing symbols with the "Yuen" concept is illustrated on the red pockets. They are lantern, flower, firework and coin. It is hoped that the receivers can get blessed from the red pockets.


Packaging Design
Printing & Finishing

Project Owner

Noiseless Design
Chow Tai Fook China


Art Direction: Esther Mok
Concept & Design: Esther Mok & Kelvin Ho
Photography: Morris Lai

Printing Effect

To present a blessing and celebration tone, the red pocket uses gold foil with subtle graphic. The outer package matches gold foil with metallic printing to create the shades of fan.