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Jin4Jin4 Speech

Key Visual & Mascot Design

Jin4 Jin4 Speech is a SNS platform for sharing information about speech therapy. In order to solve the issue of tedious informational posts, a set of mascots are designed to tell the stories interestingly. They can be effectively target young parents and speech therapist.


Mascot Design
Key Visual
Social Media Content

Project Owner

Kelvin Ho
Speech Therapist - Ho Yin


The name "Jin4 Jin4" is the Cantonese pronounciation (Yin yin). It represents the concept of "Speech" and "Learning". The pronounciation of the name is also cute and memorable for targetting parents and children.

Main Challenge: Informational Content

The largest challenge of the project is to deal with the boring information. With the target audience as young parents, we hope to create a more approaching visual and image. So, a set of mascots is design. They give a funnier look and feel and also benefit to present difficult-to-understand content.

Design assets

A set of design assets is illustrated for the client for easier adaptation of different content. They include display typography setting and graphic assets.