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Packaging Design

Kalos is an exclusive jewellery series by Chow Tai Fook Hong Kong in 2021. The jewellery is inspired by kaleidoscope presenting a fasinating childhood memory. With the concept, the package combines the functionality of long-lasting storage and interesting experience of kaleidoscope toy.

The color tone of package uses a smooth fluiding gradient to present a fancy vibe. Due to the target customers, the package will not look too childish with this graphic treatment. Also, the logo uses kaleidoscope as the concept to tell the story of the series.


Packaging Design

Project Owner

Noiseless Design
Chow Tai Fook Hong Kong


Concept & Design: Kelvin Ho

Playful Design

Apart from storing the jewellery, the package can be treated as a real kaleidoscope to play with. Viewing from the top, customers can see a fancy pattern inside. They are formed by the mirror on inner wall and the beads at the bottom part. Customers can rotate the bottom part to experience the kaleidoscope.