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The Anti-suicide Guidance

Integrated Kit Design

The Anti-Suicide Guidance includes a set of design for helping suicidal ideator to deal with and minimise their suicidal thought. It is aspired that visual communication can take a role to change user’s behaviour and thinking.


Packaging Design
Publication Design
Experience Design

Project Owner

Kelvin Ho


The vow works as the start of project. User can inflate it to reveal content and sign on it to promise not to commit suicide. The interesting interaction can make the dull and unpleasant vowing memorable. So, it can result in a concrete self affirmation and protective factor. When the users encounter suicidal thought, the action on the vow and the content can remind them to control their condition.

Mental Guidebook

Mental guidebook helps us to understand and reflect on life lessons. It is essential for minimizing suicidal thought. The publication uses illustration with inspiring quotes to trigger our thinking on life and suicide.

Project is awarded for Kan Tai-Keung Design Award
(Selection Award)