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Token of Friendship

Packaging & Visual Merchandizing

The package and jewellery display is created for the Chow Tai Fook - Token of Friendship Jewellery Series. Applying the jewellery concept, the Macao souvenirs, the design uses gift boxes and gift wrapping papers as the visual elements to show a sense of blessing, happiness and colorfulness.


Packaging Design
Visual Merchandizing

Project Owner

Noiseless Design
Chow Tai Fook Hong Kong


Art Direction: Esther Mok
Concept & Design: Kelvin Ho
Photography: Morris Lai

Giftbox Package

The concept of packaging design is inspired from giftbox. A ribbon-like component and wax-stamp-like logo is added on the lid of the package. Moreover, the bottom is wrapped with a customized TOF pattern to present a look of a premium giftbox.

Instead of using lid&base box or one-way-opened box as the structure, the design uses paired-lids box. When user opens the box, two hands is needed. It creates a richer experience of unboxing giftbox. Apart from that, the seat for jewellery is changable to enhance flexibility for sales.

Visual merchandising

Using the giftbox and wrapping paper concept, the display has special forms of jewellery seats. With consideration on functionality and durability, grey velvet matches golden jewelleries while PU is for other components. Also, 3D printed decoration is used.